Sébastien Nusslé - Zoologue Lausanne

Sebastien Nussle obtained his diploma in biology in 2002 with a project on the metabolic costs due to the mobilisation of the immune system. He is currently research assistant at the University of Lausanne in search of a PhD position. In the mean time, he has been teaching sciences in various colleges of the canton and has followed courses at the University of Neuchâtel in order to obtain a Master’s in statistics.

His work of assistant consists in studying the marital behaviour as well as the strategies of reproduction of shrews, focusing specifically on sperm competition. As a zoologist, he has worked extensively with micromammals, both rodents and insectivors. In addition, he takes part more regularly in the capture of bats within the framework of a census of the species present in the Jura.

In the project, he started by managing the defined zoological part. He has, with Ewa Gavronsky, brought back a collection of insects which they have prepared and whose determination is currently being carried out. As the zoological part has become considerably larger, he focuses exclusively on mammals, entomology being ensured by Gregoire Castella and herpetology by Jacques Thiebaud.

His aim in the next mission will be to capture as many rodents and insectivors as possible in order to draw an inventory of the mammalian fauna found on the Hombori plateau.

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Update: 23 March 2005