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Olivier Walther - Geographer, Luxembourg

Olivier Walther holds a PhD in geosciences and environment from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland, Prof. J.-B. Racine) and in human sciences from the University of Rouen (France, Prof. D. Retaillé), a Master of Advanced Studies from the University of Geneva and a Master of Arts from the University of Lausanne.

He joined the Institute of Geography at the University of Lausanne in 2002. As a human geographer, he specialises in development studies and has worked in Niger, Benin, Nigeria, Mali and Mauritania. He has participated in the Water-Conflicts of Interest in Regions of Scarcity Programme supported by the Geneva International Academic Network (GIAN) and is a member of the AILLEURS research laboratory at the University of Rouen.

Since 2007, he works as a research officer at the Centre for Population Poverty and Public Policy Studies (CEPS/INSTEAD) in Luxembourg. There, he is in charge of the METROLUX programme, questioning the stakes of metropolisation processes in Luxembourg and the border zone. This project is co-funded by the National Research Fund of Luxembourg, and carried out in partnership with the universities of Luxembourg, Strasbourg I and Mulhouse. Olivier Walther is focusing on the thematic of metropolisation, urban governance and on the insertion of the metropolis in global flux, communication networks and city networks

As a member of the Hombori Project, he studies the tourism development in the Malian Hombori Mountains. He focuses on the way tourism is developing in these places, attracting more and more visitors, due to an exceptional natural and cultural heritage.

Olivier Walther's CV

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Publications: Stratégies et dynamiques spatiales du tourisme chez les dogon du Mali




Update: 25 january 2005